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Yes, you will regret if you don’t read these free e-Books! The reason is free e-Books are equal with more than $30 e-Books that you are willing to buy. But, you can get them for free. Maybe you think that I’m just trying to bait you, but you’re wrong. I have chosen these free e-Books after recently read many free e-Books.

I've been reading several e-Books about keyword research. Some of them explain this theme very details, with a good explanation. But the others give involute yet difficult explanation. And everything then mingling in my mind. In the end, the impression that left in my mind is that keyword research is something difficult and will cost me a bunch of money.

John Chow : Make Money Online, How I went from Zero to $ 27,000 + a month By Blogging and How You Can Too

Who don’t know John Chow? We are know him from his two popular blog and site John and The Tech Zone. This ebook actually are his articles collection from 2007, which he collected and publish as an eBook. And now, he offers it as bonus for everyone who subscribe on his blog.

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What is wealth ? How much money we should have to be called rich people ? Geoff Hamilton-the author-in this book offers an interesting concept about wealth. In this free ebook, he simply said, " Wealth means being able to continue your lifestyle without regular income." What does it means ? It means if you stop working tomorrow, or quit working for a month, a year and still able to keep your car, house, eat well, dress well and keep the rest of your lifestyle, then you are wealthy.

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Author : Phillip Palmgreen, J.D Rayburn II
Abstract :
Using a discrepancy model, this study contrasted the gratification sought from television in general with gratification that respondent perceived they obtained, or would obtain, from public television ( PTV). Information was gathered through telephone interviews of random sample of heads of households, both viewers or nonviewers of public television, in Lexington, Kentucky. Data were gathered on the respondent’s educational and income level, the number of children living at home, the number of televisions in the household, and what members of the household made the viewing decision.

Personally, I suggest you to read this book. I’ve been following Fitness Made Simple on this book, and it’s work to me. Although I notice that my journey isn’t over yet. In this book, John shares his own experiences to find the best way to has a lean and muscle body.

A Roadmap to Start You on a journey to financial security through saving and investing


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If you are wondering about your financial life, thinking whether you can have comfortable retire life or stuck in huge debt and live in hell when you are old. You probably want to read this ebook. This ebook is suitable for people who tired of wondering about their financial life and want to know exactly how to secure their financial security, whether for their recent lives or for retire days.

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